Sao Paulo/Congonhas Airport


The Congonhas Airport is one of the major entrance and exit gates in the city of Sao Paulo, headquarters of 38 among the 100 largest private corporations with domestic capital. Its airport infrastructure plays a core role in the development of Brazil as connection to other major business centers.
Congonhas, one of Sao Paulo postcards, moves and leverages business opportunities, making transportation more agile in the capital city. The underground passage under Avenue Washington Luis, for exclusive access to the airport, consecrates its integration to city’s road network.
The construction of a parking building, in partnership with the private initiative, assured the expansion of parking lot spaces. Taxi parking area appeases the impact on nearby communities, which had to live with permanence of taxis cabs in public thoroughfare around the airport. Additionally, the project foresaw the construction of a square with 10,5 thousand meters, setting up one more space that contributes to downtown Sao Paulo landscape.
The old boarding lounges gave space to new air-conditioned and more spacious ones. Currently, boarding counts on 12 boarding points that speed up servicing. A new disembarkation area assures more comfort to users of Congonhas

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