International Airport

PortoAlegreSalgado Filho - Porto Alegre Porto Alegre International Airport passenger terminal, with its 37.6 thousand square meters of built area, can shelter simultaneously up to 28 wide body aircrafts. The terminal has 32 check-in counters, tem boarding and disembarkation bridges, nine elevators, and tem rolling stairs. It has a completely automated, computerized control center for aircraft traffic, and air-conditioning in main environments.

The aircrafts grounding area, in prestressed concrete, may service Boeing 747-400 type aircrafts. The parking building, with eight floors, has 44 thousand square meters and the capacity for 1,440 parking slots. Another terminal, with 15 thousand square meters, service the general, executive, and third level commercial (conventional and turbo-propelled aircrafts) aviation.

Porto Alegre Airport  was the first to be under Infraero management to have integrated check-in. The service provides flexibility in using terminal facilities, allowing airlines to access their data processing centers in shared computer system from any check-in counter. It is possible to make available service stands, according to each airline’s demand.

The Air-shopping, a commercial and leisure center with shops, services, and food plaza works 24 hours. The Salgado Filho International Airport has an air cargo terminal, built in 1974, with 9.5 thousand square meters and a monthly capacity for 1.500 ton of exported cargo, and 900 ton of imported cargo.

The average daily traffic (arrivals and departures) at the Salgado Filho International Airport runs in 174 regular flight aircrafts, connecting Porto Alegre directly or indirectly to all capital cities of the country, interior cities in Southern states and in the state of Sao Paulo, in addition to international routes with non-stop flights to South Cone countries.

In order to expand its service capacity, Infraero reactivated passenger terminal 2 in December 1. 2010. This terminal operates with capacity to service 3 thousand passenger daily, processing around 30 boarding and disembarkation operations, with a yearly flow of 1.5 million passengers. The Airport, thus, will increase its service capacity from current 5 million/passengers to 6.5 million/passengers. Currently, in addition to service the general, executive, and third level aviation (conventional and turbo-propelled aircrafts) the terminal services also Azul and Webjet airlines.

The area counts on 22 check-in positions, four boarding gates and new x-ray processors. The parking lot has 420 parking slots. Additionally, it counts on a commercial mix with shops, drugstores, bookstand, and coffee shop. For displacement, a circular bus system is used between the two terminals.

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