Rio de Janeiro/Galeao International Airport


The Rio de Janeiro/Galeao - Antonio Carlos Jobim International Airport, in January 2010, completed 33 years. Designed as a new concept of airport facilities and flight protection, the airport was the solution for decongestion of increasingly intense air traffic at former Galeao Airport, responding to modern aircrafts technological development of world commercial aviation.
Galeao represents one of Brazil’s main entrance gates, and it has a determinant role in businesses and tourism. Events with wide world repercussion such as ECO 92 and the Pan-American Games became a reality with the support of airport infrastructure.
Located just 20 km from downtown Rio de Janeiro, it is served by several expressways, such as the Red Line, the Yellow Line, and the Brazil Avenue, which facilitates moving from the several point in the South, North, and West regions of the city. Urban transportation system offers taxicabs and bus special lines that connect Galeao to many destinations, inclusively to the other airport in the city.
The airport complex has Brazil’s largest runway with 4,000 x 45m, as well as with one of the largest, most modern, and well-equipped Cargo Logistics Terminals of the continent.
The Galeao is connected to more than 26 domestic locations and 24 international destinations. It has two runway systems with simultaneous landing and takeoff operations. There are 154 check-in counters, 16 luggage conveyor belts and 16 check-in conveyor belts, 38 boarding bridges, and 24 remote positions. In total, 20 airlines render services in two Terminals, assisting a daily traffic of 32 thousand passengers.

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