Bacacheri Airport


Bacacheri Airport is a national reference as Aircrafts Maintenance Center for airplanes and helicopters, as well as training center for aviation professionals. Parana Air Club graduates pilots, flight attendants, and aviation mechanics since the 1930s.

The State of Parana Government Air Transportation Section is in the airport also, along with a Federal Highway Police Air Detachment, which after 3 years of operations has carried out more than one thousand rescue missions in the Parana and Santa Catarina highways. Additionally, medical air transportation perform a major social role by transporting transplanting organs and sick individuals.

Bacacheri Airport, with a work force of over 500 people, sets position in Curitiba’s society as indispensable urban equipment for economic and social development, and not just for Bacacheri district, but for the entire city of Curitiba.
The Paranaense Aviation School– EPA is located at Bacacheri Airport, and it graduates professionals for the aviation market for over 35 years. In agreement with Embraer and other aircrafts manufactures, EPA is equip to provide advance training in flight simulators.

EPA is the sole training center in Latin America accredited by the National Civil Aviation Agency– Anac, as Civil Aviation Training Center. In addition to training Air Force military personnel, it offers training for commercial pilots for airlines from South America, Africa, and Europe.

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